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Tailored-made English lessons with a native speaker. Lessons are available for groups & individuals,
face-to-face & via Zoom.

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Hi i'm Jenny, i'm originally from the UK but now live the dream in Le Mans, France with my french husband and 2 bilingual boys, Oscar and Teddy. I teach English to all ages in a fun, unique and dynamic way ensuring that speaking the language is the main focus.I believe in interaction and creativity to help learn the language effectively and don't teach in the conventional way. I think that what we learn with pleasure, we never forget, so I create an environment that reflects that ethos.

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  • Group lessons in person
  • Individual or 'Learn together' sessions either in person or via zoom.
  • Summer school 121- special priced lessons for summer either individually or as a pair.
  • Web based learning (You receive 8 weeks of work consisting of an article to read and translate, an audio version read by me to hear correct pronunciation, and 3-5 tasks to do complete based on the article)
  • Vocabulary packages- A document of words you need for holidays/interviews:work:healthcare) with translations and audio pronunciations.

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